The Groom’s Quarters

The two apartments above the stables have queen beds, fully-equipped kitchens, baths, and there is also a dorm room that sleeps three. Total occupancy of seven. There is a large common room for guests to share complete with books, games and a stereo. At either end of the stables is a sunny deck overlooking the hills.

Accommodations for the horses are just as comfortable. One can trailer a short distance to the Point Reyes National Seashore. With over 100 miles of trails and long sandy beaches to explore, you can ride for many days without retracing your steps.
_StblLivRmThere are three different availability calendars. If you’re checking for available dates for the Cottages or rooms in the Inn please go to either the Cottage page or Inn page.

If you are bringing horses, first check availability of stalls for the dates you want. If stalls are available, let us know which stall(s) you prefer by noting that information on the room reservation request when prompted.