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The Stables

Visiting Point Reyes With Horses

The Point Reyes area is a favorite destination for people who love to travel with horses. That’s why we offer convenient horse boarding at our Stable in Point Reyes Station.

Our Stable is on the same four acre property as the Bed and Breakfast Inn and the Groom’s Quarters. If you’re a guest at any of our three lodging properties—Point Reyes Country Inn Bed & Breakfast, Groom’s Quarters or Cottages on the Bay (located five miles away in Inverness)—you are welcome to board your horse at the Stable.


The price per horse is either $25.00 a night if you muck, $30.00 per night if we do the mucking.

Please note: we do not offer trail rides.

“Riding Pt Reyes from bay to coast, and back again—over mountains, through valleys, from forests to chaparral. Three women and their noble steeds sharing friendships, views and memories for a lifetime.”

Jen, Nancy + Judith

Equine Boarding in Point Reyes Station

About the Stable

There are ten 12 x 12 ft box stalls.

Five of the box stalls (stalls 1-5) have 12 x 24 ft pipe corral turnouts connected.

Stalls 6-10 have no turnouts.

Each stall has rubber mats, automatic water and is bedded with wood shavings.

Outside of the stables building are five continuous 12 x 24 pipe corrals (numbered 11-15), and one 12 x 24 stand alone pipe coral, #16.

Water is provided in the pipe corrals with 15 gallon buckets. The pipe corrals have no outside cover, in other words no cover from the elements.

In addition, there are three large paddocks for two compatible horses. The paddocks are 64 x 88 ft and water is provided with 15 gallon buckets. These paddocks have no outside cover, in other words no cover from the elements, though paddock 3 does have oak trees for shade.

What you should know

PRCI does not provide feed for the horses, and guests are responsible for feeding and care of their own horse.

There is no riding on or from the property—you must trailer to the park and the closest trailhead, Bear Valley, is 4 miles from the Stable.

Horse boarding is only available for guests during their stay at any of our three properties: Point Reyes Country Inn, Groom’s Quarters and Cottages on the Bay.

To see our policies for horse boarding, including legal disclaimer, visit the Policies page.

How to book horse boarding with lodging

Booking a horse stall with your lodging reservation using our online reservation system is easy. It all starts with choosing your lodging.

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Step One: Choose Your Lodging

Add your lodging selection to the online shopping cart. You can't book a horse stall until you've added your lodging choice to your cart.


The price per horse is either $25.00 per night if you muck, or $30.00 per night if we muck. You provide your own feed.

If you would prefer that we muck, please include your request in the Special Preference box at check out.

Step Three: Complete your Booking

Once you've selected your accommodation and horse stall, follow the directions to finalize your reservation.

You will receive an email confirmation for your lodging and stabling reservation.

If you need help with your booking, please call or email us.



The Bed & Breakfast Inn, Groom's Quarters and Stables are all located on the same four acre property in Point Reyes Station (red map locator). The Cottages on the Bay are in Inverness (blue map locator). To see an overview of all lodging options, go here.

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