Point Reyes National Seashore Vacation Rentals



Check In & Out

Guests may check in between 4-10pm.
Check out by 11am.


Bed & Breakfast Inn and Cottages on the Bay
There is a two week cancellation period: if you cancel your reservation two weeks (14 days) prior to arrival, there is a $25 cancellation fee per room. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to arrival, you are responsible for any nights we are unable to rebook.

Groom’s Quarters
There is a four-week (28 days) cancellation period. If you cancel four weeks prior to date of reservation, there is $25.00 cancellation fee per room. With shorter notice, you are responsible for any nights that we are unable to rebook.


Smoking is prohibited in all our lodging facilities, including the Stables — and banned within 20 ft of any entrance to any building.

Smoking within 20ft of the Stables is prohibited.


Bed & Breakfast Inn and Groom’s Quarters
Sorry, we do not accommodate pets at these locations.

Cottages on the Bay
One small to medium size dog (no larger than 60 lbs) is allowed in the Cottages on the Bay, upon acceptance of the following terms:

  • The dog cannot be left alone in the cottage unless crated.
  • The dog cannot be off leash on the property and you are responsible for cleanup of dog waste.
  • If the dog is used to being on the furniture then you must bring coverings for the furniture which includes the bed.
  • There is an additional onetime $30.00 cleaning charge and you are financially liable for any damages to the cottage, furnishings, or loss of income caused by your dog.
  • The dog must be on a flea management program.

Let us know in your reservation request if you plan to bring your dog to the Cottages, and are in agreement and accept the terms stated above.

Boarding your horse


Equine boarding is only available to guests during the dates of their stay at any of our three properties: Point Reyes Country Inn Bed & Breakfast, Groom’s Quarters or Cottage on the Bay (located five miles from the Stable in Inverness).  We do not allow horse boarding for non-guests.


1. RELEASE and HOLD HARMLESS. Horse Owner agrees to hold Point Reyes Country Inn and Stable LLC harmless from any and all claims arising from damage or injuries caused by Owner’s horse(s) to anyone, and defend Point Reyes Country Inn and Stable LLC from any such claims. Horse Owner agrees to disclose any and all hazardous or dangerous propensities of horse(s) boarded overnight at the Stable.

2. Horse Owner understand that there IS NO MOUNTING OR RIDING OWNER’S HORSE OR ANY HORSE ON OR FROM THE PROPERTY OF THE POINT REYES COUNTRY INN AND STABLE LCC and the potential dangers that the Horse Owner could incur in mounting, riding, walking, boarding, feeding said horse; including, but not limited to, any interactions with other horses. Understanding those risks the Horse Owner hereby releases Point Reyes Country Inn and Stable LLC, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees and anyone else directly or indirectly connected with that Point Reyes Country Inn and Stable LLC from any liability whatsoever in the event of injury or damage of any nature (or perhaps even death) to the Horse Owner or anyone else caused by or incidental to Horse Owner electing to overnight boarding and to mount or ride a horse.

3. INHERENT RISKS AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK. The Horse Owner by reserving overnight night boarding at Point Reyes Country Inn and Stable LLC acknowledges there are inherent risks associated with equine activities such as described below and hereby expressly assumes all risks associated with participating in such activities. The inherent risks include, but are not limited to the propensity of equines to behave in ways such as, running, bucking, biting, kicking, shying, stumbling, rearing, falling or stepping on, that may result in an injury, harm or death to persons on or around them; the unpredictability of equine’s reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement and unfamiliar objects, persons or other animals; certain hazards such as surface and subsurface conditions; collisions with other animals; the limited availability of emergency medical care; and the potential of a participant to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to injury to the participant or others, such as failing to maintain control over the animal or not acting within such participant’s ability.

4. RULES AND REGULATIONS. Horse Owner agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Point Reyes Country Inn and Stable LCC.

5. The Horse Owner by reserving overnight night boarding has read and understands, and freely and voluntarily enter into this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement with Point Reyes Country Inn and Stables LCC, and understands that this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement is a waiver of any and all liability (ies).


Your personal information

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